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At Newton Forge, we have been designing and making ironwork for private customers since we started in business over 38 years ago.

We offer the same heritage restoration and traditional ironwork reproduction services as we do for the commercial sector but tailored to suit the needs of the private individual.

We employ a designer who works with our blacksmiths to design our ironwork and produce drawings, if they are required, for approval and sign off before work commences.

We can design based on a sketch, image or just an idea. Dependant on the type of project and your location we prefer an initial free consultation at your property to discuss your project in more detail, take any necessary measurements or survey any ironwork for restoration.

This enables us to give you a qualified price which will set out clearly the works we propose. Once the design and methodology are accepted we will then look to confirm delivery or installation date.

Please call us on 01258 472407 to talk to a member of our team.

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