Heritage iron restoration

Our process –¬† Heritage iron restoration

While working on heritage metalworks it’s vital to understand its’ historical, aesthetic, and cultural value.

Whether restoring or reproducing a piece of metalwork, we have the intention to keep as much of the existing material as possible. The object must be retained in its original location and protected. We view restoration as a contribution to the protection of our heritage.

Each project is thoroughly researched, and as much of the original detail is retained as possible. Then we apply ironwork methods of the time to produce an authentic result.

When reproduction is required, we provide a comprehensive survey of the condition of the piece. We can re-create missing elements of original objects, or we can create a whole new piece.

We examine, research, and apply our extensive experience to faithfully reproduce the Blacksmith’s original work in the time-honored fashion. Decisions on the use of materials must respect minimal intrusion; new components must replicate the exact, original method of construction. We regularly work with wrought ironwork, steel, cast iron, copper, brass, and bronze.

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