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Our Cast iron services, and what cast iron can be used for

Cast iron is an amazing material and for mass manufacture and production of large quantities of detailed work at a reasonable cost, it is fantastic. Through our close links with a number of foundries, we are able to design and create new casting patterns or copy original sections in ordinary grey or ductile iron.

We frequently use cast iron in our heritage restoration projects, from making a copy of a cast-iron finial to replace missing ones on railings to recreating cast-iron windows to replace or create copies of existing.

Our cast iron services vary depending on client project requirements.

We would recommend cast iron for new architectural ironwork projects where an item is required in quantity such as balusters for staircases or balustrades, decorative features for railings and windows. We create a 3D drawing which is used to create a ‘cast-iron pattern’ from wood. This is then used to create the moulds that the foundry casts from. We finally fettle the castings and prepare fixtures and fittings prior to installation.

For more information regarding the restoration of cast iron please visit our heritage restoration page.

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