Bespoke fabrications and ironworks


Fabrications is now an area we can cover. We can manufacture fabrications such as:

  • Sculptures
  • signage
  • Louvres
  • grilles
  • cladding
  • metal doors
  • fabricated structural metal
  • architectural metalworks
  • and other miscellaneous items

Professional and traditional ironwork

Here at Newton Forge, our expertise is traditional ironwork. Our years of experience combined with our traditional blacksmithing skills mean that we can create beautiful ironwork using time-honoured techniques in our workshop.

We forge mild steel to produce most of our traditional ironwork, with cast iron for details such as finials or repeat decorative features. We use wrought iron and pure iron only when requested for historic accuracy or when the client’s budget allows.

We can recreate small decorative details such as a finial on some railings or a forged leaf on a set of gates as part of a heritage restoration project. We may be asked to make railings or gates, that were removed in the war effort for munitions, to match a neighboring property or to work from a historic photograph.

All our ironwork is priced based upon how long it takes to make, to get an understanding of the process and see our craftsmen at work please have a look at our introduction to blacksmithing and view our video.

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