Bridge Sections & Structures

Newton Forge has 40 years of experience in cast iron refurbishment which has lead us to restore many iconic bridge and highway structures.

When tasked with the refurbishment of Blackfriars bridge, we were unaware that the bridge was corroded and back filled with concrete that had in-cased all fixings. This made this assembly virtually impossible, and our method of works had to be reconfigured to over-come the problems this caused. Using our innovative we were able to overcome the numerous problems to achieve a successful conclusion to the project.

Our professional maintenance and passion for historic metalwork is why contractors chose to work with us, every part of the project is thoroughly planned by our team of experts making sure the work we carry out is safe, functional to the public and reaches all of our clients requirements.

If you have a structure that requires cast iron refurbishment, we can assist with investigative works, removals, new castings, painting and installation.

What bridge sections and structures can we restore?

  • Cast iron parapets & arches
  • Lanterns & Lampposts
  • Structural components
  • Balustrades
  • Pillars and Piers
  • Handrails / Guard rails


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