Traditional Cast & Wrought Iron Railings

Working with the North & South Somerset council, in conjunction with English Heritage we re-forged the cast iron bollards to the original design.

Project Overview


Royal Victoria Park, Bath


Bath & North East Somerset Council


Cast ironwork

Newton Forge worked for the council and in conjunction with English Heritage to reinstate the railings, stone walls and cast iron bollards as per the original scheme.

We worked from old photographs and evidence of nearby railings. English Heritage was keen to recreate the cast iron bollards in a way that gave them an aged look which we achieved with our foundry making a mould with built-in ‘rust damage’ and irregularities.

The spear top railings were forged with our power hammer and hand-finished to give an imperfect finish (by design.) We organised and worked alongside the stonemasons and cut the pockets to form a square and lead caulked the palings leaving the caulking 3mm proud and cut square to ensure moisture runoff. The top rail was pegged and leaded and rails were joined together with traditional lap joints. All was galvanised and then hand-painted on site. There were no welding procedures on this project as all were made as original.

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