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Richmond Golf Club


Farminer Developments Ltd


Heritage Ironwork Restoration

Richmond Golf Club is a Grade 1 listed, early-Georgian clubhouse. It was a stately home (128 years old) converted to a golf club. Many of its early members were also members of the Government. Including three Lord Chancellors, a Speaker of the House of Commons and a Prime Minister.

The Queen Mother was the patron of the Club for many years, until her death in 2002. Our patron since 2006 has been the current Duke of York, Prince Andrew.

What we did

Roof light

In July 2018 Newton Forge was hired by Farminer Developments Ltd to work on the replacement of a small roof light at Richmond Golf Club. The location of this roof light was above the male changing rooms reception in the Golf Club. Health and safety were very important, ensuring the working area below the installation was shut off to access by others. The roof light remained on the vehicle until required.

The roof light was lifted onto the roof from a pallet, then the pallet was removed when in place. The roof light was removed and generous amounts of a double bead of CT1 were applied. Our glazer was able to commence glazing on the windows of the roof light. Once it was all installed we fitted the winding mechanisms for opening the windows from the inside.

Newton Forge is currently working on refurbishing the much larger roof lantern at Richmond Golf Club. The whole roof lantern will remain on-site, and the work will be completed in sections. Replacing anything that is too rusty to save and refurbishing everything else.

The window openings will be removed and brought back to the workshop. The opening from these windows will be blocked off. As it is changing room it is especially important to border this up and as the weather is colder this time of year. The roof end caps will be refurnished in cast iron. All the window panes are made from lead, the full extent of the roof bars condition will be revealed once the lead is removed. The paint will be stripped from the whole roof light and renovated if needed. It will be primed and painted, either by Newton Forge or sub-contracted decorators.

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