Metalwork Balustrade

Project Overview


Sturminster Newton Exchange, Dorset


Sturminster Newton Council


Traditional Ironwork, Contemporary Ironwork

The brief required us to use the local area for inspiration and also to showcase our traditional blacksmithing skills. Newton Forge was given full design responsibility to create an artistic centrepiece to the building. Mild and Stainless steel was used to create twisted handrail. It was burnished, lacquered and finished with Renaissance wax.

A design was agreed upon that took the local River Stour as its starting point. The interesting elliptical sweep of the stairs lent itself to a flowing design that sweeps down and around the stairs, and with the river in mind, the supports for the rail were Bull Rushes and Lilies. Ian Ring, founder of Newton Forge designed this staircase. Every inch of the balustrade was beautifully hand-forged with traditional joints and fixings. It runs along the stairs, encompassing Lily leaves in flower. As the balustrade was inside it could be left virtually in its raw state and finished with various waxes which would age and patinate over time and usage.

Metalwork balustrade

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